Heather Burwell - Artist

Domestic Landscape (2021)

I am greatly influenced by the philosophy of Martin Heidegger and the essence of being.  My focus is the exploration of memory in relation to my own lived experiences, portraying Memory and Time through the use of various layering techniques which includes painting and printmaking.  The subject of memory has become more apparent by the recent pandemic as we are increasingly isolated from our loved ones and confined to our own homes.  The experience of one’s domestic space acts as a catalyst for memory and the emptiness of the interior can denote absence, loneliness and a sense of loss.   My current work is a reflection on this juxtaposition of absence and presence and consists of a series of linocuts printed on to fabric and stitched together to resemble the traditions of quilt making - both as a form of 'marking Time' and a symbol of 'women's work' within the home.  The overall fabric hanging is then hand stitched with a pattern of visual sound waves as sound is often our only communication at this time of isolation. 

The images below show the actual fabric hanging ( 75 x 105cm) over laid with digital stitch representations of both thick and thin sound waves and figures.