The core of my practice has predominantly consisted of figurative oil painting with a view to creating a narrative through a series of inter-related works. 

My practice has developed from a need to understand what it is to be human, what makes us who we are and how we function within social and familial settings; exploring how we, as humans process our life experiences and the effects on our day-to-day existence. 

Whilst recently undertaking a MA in Fine Art there was a significant and necessary shift to a more phenomenological approach extending a painting based practice to an exploration into printmaking and digital based media, expanding the practice to create a dialogue of 3D elements within site-specific installations. 

Physical fragmented elements and sensorial triggers use the presence of the viewer’s body to make it the dominant self-reference of the experience.

In 2021 she successfully completed a Masters Degree in Fine Art, with Distinction, at 

The University of Hertfordshire

Also studied at:

The Art Academy, London

Cleveland College of Art & Design, Teesside


Heather is a multi-disciplinary Artist, Curator and Art Tutor

​She exhibits nationally and internationally with private collections in the USA, Europe and the UK

Heather Burwell - Artist