Images from a collaborative touring exhibition I'm taking part in with ArtCan and ArtMoleto. 

Anduma - A Look into The Future - embraces the international vision of 11 contemporary artists from around the world.

28th June - 21st July 2018 Centro Comunale di Cultura, Valenza, Italy

28th July - 30th Sept 2018 Castello di Casale Monferrato, Italy

My News

Heather Burwell - Artist

Solo Show @ Nude Tin Can Gallery, St Albans   26th Oct - 12th Nov 2016

'Discarded memories'

The aim of the exhibition is to create a narrative of moments, memories and untold stories - depicting what was once present but now discarded.  The work can sometimes be unsettling in it's subject matter, often pushing the viewer to question it's content and the feeling it provokes.​​